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Mauritius - diamond in Indian Ocean

This tropical paradise offered everything that one could wish for a silver wedding journey: Sun fully, palms, white dream beaches, for bathing inviting warm sea water, turquoise bays, green volcanic mountains, sugarcane fields, coffee plantations, exotic blooms and friendly humans.

We were cordially received in the Gold Beach Resort, a small but fine hotel with an excellent service and a phantastic cuisine. The beach was one of the best of the island.

Portugisie sailors discovered this at that time uninhabited island in 16th century. After unsuccessful settlement attempts of the dutchmen the Frenchmen established themselves with African and Malagasy slaves here. In the beginning of the 19th century the British conquered this tropical island and lured Indian and Chinese workers in the country. Still today humans of all tolerate themselves skin-far-evenly with their habits and customs and religions. They are proud on their island and their cultural variety.

kleine Karte Mauritius our routes on the island
Strand in Wolmar bay in Wolmar Hotel Gold Beach Resort Gold Beach Resort
Patrice - unser Koch Patrice - our cook Segatänzerin colorful Sega - dancer
Sonnenuntergang auf Mauritius sunset in Wolmar Mond über Palmen moon above palms


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